MyTableTennisClub Waterloo TT4Fun Teams Tournament

On December 16 2018, MyTableTennisClub in Kitchener-Waterloo hosted a TT4Fun Winter Teams tournament, a team tournament that enabled players to represent their club or region and gather together to meet our table tennis neighbours around the corner. We have had an amazing 17 players representing the Windsor region, with a Windsor team taking First Place!

Congratulations to everyone that attended this fun event and represented Windsor!

WindsorTTC 2015 End-of-Year – Results

Thank you to all 33 participants of our End-of-Year tournament for coming out to our club and having fun! We ended the year on an amazing note with some amazing matches. Special thanks to our new friends from Sarnia for attending and everyone else who came from other places. Results, photos, and videos have been posted below. See you next year!

Photos here: 2015 End-of-Year Tournament Flickr
Videos here: 2015 End-of-Year Tournament YouTube

Results - Div. A
Results - Div. B
Results - Div. C

Windsor Open 2015 Tournament – Results

Thank you to everyone who participated, spectated, attended, and supported our annual tournament this year! Special thanks go to all players who came to Windsor from other cities/countries, to James Peng for his great support, to Michael for photographing the event, to CTV News Windsor and CBC Windsor for covering the event, and to anyone else we might have missed. Check out our Facebook page for the links.

The best photos of the tournament can be found below but all 420 photos are available on our Flickr page: Windsor Open 2015 Flickr

Videos of the matches can be found on our YouTube channel: Windsor Open 2015 YouTube

Tournament winners:

WindsorTTC Open 2015 Results – Open Division A
WindsorTTC Open 2015 Results – Open Division B
WindsorTTC Open 2015 Results – Open Division C
WindsorTTC Open 2015 Results – 15 & Under Division A
WindsorTTC Open 2015 Results – 15 & Under Division B
WindsorTTC Open 2015 Results – 15 & Under Division C
WindsorTTC Open 2015 Results – 10 & Under

Windsor Open 2015 Tournament

Update: Registration deadline has been extended to Friday afternoon! Later submissions will not be accepted. White plastic Butterfly 40+ balls will be used.

General information:
The 7th annual WindsorTTC tournament is finally here! For the first time, the tournament will be sanctioned by OntarioTableTennis. We also raised the first place prize to $1,500 and the total cash prizes to $3,100. Don’t miss out!

Spectators can watch the matches for free.

Event date:
Saturday, October 24th 2015

Entry form:
Fill out the registration form below and email it to us. All forms should be received by Oct. 21.

WindsorTTC Open 2015 Tournament – Registration Form (.pdf format)
WindsorTTC Open 2015 Tournament – Registration Form (.docx format)

Note: You need to save the .pdf file to your computer first before filling it out.

Location & Directions:
Rose City Islamic Centre
5420 Empress Street, Windsor, Ontario
Google maps

Directions from the Ambassador Bridge – PDF here
Directions from the Detroit Windsor Tunnel – PDF here
Directions from Toronto – PDF here

Printable version of flyer: PDF / DOCX / JPG

 Windsor Doubles Tournament 2015 – Results

1st Place: Robert Parau & Jordan Sands
2nd Place: Dennis Martinez & Adrian Nikolas
3rd Place: Lawrence Holland & Enjum Efroz
4th Place: Ron Nichol & Dale Lucier
4th Place: Rastislav Micovsky & James Peng
6th Place: Fabio Pellarin & Robbie Song
Go to the ‘Photos’ page to see all 60+ photos of the tournament. Visit our club YouTube Channel to see some of the matches played. Thanks to everyone that participated in our first Doubles tournament on June 16th, and to Michael who photographed the event!

Windsor Closed 2015 – Results

We would like to thank everybody that participated in our club’s first Windsor Closed tournament on March 26th 2015. The tournament attracted a total of 33 Windsorites, making it a big success. All results and winners are posted below.

Full video of the finals matches between Holger and Vadim (Division A) and Steve and Jordan (Division B) can be seen here:

More photos can be found under Photos. Full tournament knockout bracket results can be found here: Division A, Division B, Division C.

Division A
1st place: Holger Eichhorn
2nd place: Vadim Korneev

Division B
1st place: Steve Patterson
2nd place: Jordan Sands

Division C
1st place: Dorel Revnic
2nd place: Bogdan Swietochowski

Steve Paterson (Div. B Winner), Holger Eichhorn (Div. A Winner), Vadim Korneev (Div. A 2nd Place), Jordan Sands (Div. B 2nd Place) - Thanks to snapd photographer Nick Carroll.

Steve Paterson (Div. B Winner), Holger Eichhorn (Div. A Winner), Vadim Korneev (Div. A 2nd Place), Jordan Sands (Div. B 2nd Place) – Thanks to snapd photographer Nick Carroll.

WindsorTTC Tournament 2014 – Results

The Windsor Table Tennis Club would like to thank all participants, coaches, parents, and spectators for supporting our 2014 tournament on September 6th 2014 and making it a big success. We will see you all weekly at our club, or at our next annual tournament!

   Open, Division A winners:
1st: Yen-Chun Lu (Scott)
2nd: Lester Lee
3rd: Ching-Chun Lu (James)
4th: Tapabrata Dey

Open Division A Winners

In order from left to right: Victor Lucier, Miro Tot, Tapabrata Dey (4th place), Yen-Chun Lu (Scott) (1st place), Lester Lee (2nd place), Ching-Chun Lu (James) (3rd place)

   Open, Division B winners:
1st: Daniel Wang
2nd: Robert Parau
3rd: Adrian Nikolas

   Open, Division C winners:
1st: Ben Hou
2nd: Dan Stancic
3rd: Todd Lucier

   15 and under winners:
1st: Rohon Roychoudhury
2nd: Eric Seguin
3rd: Emmett Renaud
4th: Henry Xu
5th: Even Duan
6th: Stefan Malic
7th: Yanni Hatzis

15 and under Winners

From left to right: Miro Tot, Rohon Roychoudhury (1st place), Eric Seguin (2nd place), Emmett Renaud (3rd place)

   10 and under winners:
1st: Even Duan
2nd: Yanni Hatzis
3rd: Nedeljco Malic
4th: Vincent Lin
5th: Efen Duan
6th: Henry Wang

10 and under Winners

From left to right: Yanni Hatzis (2nd place), Vincent Lin (4th place), Even Duan (1st place), Efen Duan (5th place)


  • Contact us for the original, full-size photos.
  • To see all pictures of the tournament, click on the PHOTOS link at the top.

WindsorTTC Tournament 2013
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