Notice:  We realize that as of July 16, 2021 the province is allowing sporting events to restart we are waiting for a response from The Slovak Heritage Association as to when we can restart . We will post on this website as soon as they give us the go ahead. Keep Safe !

Note: You can come play on Tuesdays just for fun without playing the league.
Thursday is practice night (play who you want ie: singles, doubles, or fun).

We have 10 professional tables available and all are ITTF-approved!
Windsor Table Tennis Club is fully affiliated with the OTTA.
You must bring your own table tennis racket, a ball, and running shoes.
Official 40 mm balls are available for sale.

Fees are listed in the table below. The yearly membership is pro-rated to September 1st.

  Daily Fee Yearly Membership
     All Players will pay              $8.00 per night

To get in touch with us, click on Contact Us at the top of the page.

See you there!